The Consortium is unveiled

There was a special announcement at the Consort's performance on 16 April....

"It may come as a surprise when you consider the success and acclaim that the Wellensian Consort have enjoyed over the last few months, but remarkably it is only a little over 18 months since our very first concert – back in September 2009.  From the outset the ethos of the choir has been to share our love of music with our audience through vibrant and expressive performances.  The success that we have enjoyed has provided us with a range of opportunities that we couldn’t have even dreamt of just a year ago.  But as an entirely self-funded, independent organisation we are aware of the need to continue to develop and build upon our reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting and engaging chamber choirs. 

So, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ‘The Consortium’ - supporters of the Wellensian Consort.  This exciting new scheme not only allows you to keep in touch with all of our latest news and behind the scenes information; it also provides a way for you to financially support the choir as we seek to turn our dreams into reality.

The Consortium offers the chance to get closer to the Wellensian Consort through regular events including concert receptions and the opportunity to attend open rehearsals.  You will receive a bi-annual magazine that will include interviews with Consort members and other key musical figures working with the choir.  For concerts organised and promoted by the Wellensian Consort, The Consortium will also offer priority booking before the general public, so you will be guaranteed fantastic seats at each venue.   If you opt to support our commissioning and recording projects you will be rewarded with limited edition signed copies of CDs and scores by the composers and performers.  You will see that there is even a section for gift membership where you can apply on behalf of a friend or relative, and the membership will be in the recipient’s name.

The support of The Consortium’s members will be vital in enabling the Wellensian Consort to achieve its potential and will be enormously appreciated.  Members of The Consortium will also be able to support our educational projects, giving a cross-section of the local community the chance to experience the delights of classical music within a relaxed and friendly setting.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me"

Kate Gardner, Administrator of the Consortium

For more information see here.